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From building conversions to ground-up new developments for residential and commercial projects, developers across markets have already entrusted their projects to The Property Agent.

As your partner, our goals are to add value to your project and work with you to brand it; position it; market it; and successfully sell it out beyond your expectations.

Market analysis

Once you engage our firm, your appointed agent will provide you with ongoing market research, studies of pricing, demographics, cultural trends and market analysis. All these are key to timing, conceptualising, and positioning your project, and will help guide speculations, pricing strategy, market penetration, and price amendments as the project progresses.


The market place is very competitive. It is essential to bring the right strategy to each project individually to create unique positioning and desirability. From 3D renderings and simulations to collateral material and web sites, we will work with you to design thoughtful and innovative marketing plans to facilitate efficient access to the target market.

Once the right strategy is ready we will bring your projects to buyers locally and around the world through multiple listing systems, cross media marketing, and our international contacts.


Any sales enquiry will go directly to your appointed agent who will know every detail of your development. They will arrange to meet with potential clients at the development, representing you and the property in all sales and negotiations.

From getting an offer to final closing, your appointed agent will work with your legal team to simplify the purchase contract and technical processes of the transaction, making sure the sales are smooth and easy. We will coordinate the closing of each unit, and liaise with each party making sure everything is on schedule.


Occasionally, projects come to market with the wrong marketing strategy, the wrong selling plan, and sometimes at the wrong time. We will take on projects where others may have failed and reposition them in the market place as fresh, new and exciting, therefore creating new value for potential buyers and so complete the process successfully. We will visualise and convey concepts that others may have overlooked.

Developers please contact us at 02890 02 03 03 for a more comprehensive discussion.

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